"I find BDSM to be a highly individual experience. Don't be afraid to confess your true desires and fantasies to me as I will likely find them interesting."

                 Mistress Ella

The following areas of interest may be explored at
My personal and completely private Iron Gate Dungeon
  • CBT (I will own it)
  • Medical Scenes (Doctor Strictella will provide the alternative cure)
  • Chastity (you will belong to Me only)
  • Full suspension/Mummification hypnotism (electric hoist)
  • Rope bondage/suspension (expert rigger)
  • Corporal Punishment (you will be pushed, and pushed HARD)
  • Domestic Discipline (you will be corrected)
  • Prisoners are sent to carry out their punitive sentence at the Iron Gate Dungeon
  • Electro torture (Eros Tek, PES, violet wand)
  • Bull Whipping/ Signal Whipping (expert and accurate)
  • Forced Fem/Parading flogging, punishing and admiring my exquisite sissy boy sluts
  • Humiliation (great amusement)
  • Boot and Foot Worship (Dozens of boots and stilettos stored in gated boot cellar)
  • Trampling (under my feet where you belong)
  • Owning as many dildos as I have boots, all different sizes and shapes (aka: Mistress Many Cocks). I am well equipped indeed!
  • Role playing. My extensive fetish wardrobe, second to none, accommodates many scenarios... governess, equestrian and cowgirl, medical, Nun...
  • If your soul is in need of a sole, you'll get a kick out of Me!

Activities that I exclude from consideration: No SCAT, No forced feeding, No blood play (too high risk), No race-driven scenes, No smoking fetishes, No prostitution.

At My Feet: Conduct
  • To insure your appointment with me in the dungeon, schedule at least 24 hours in advance.
  • If you need to cancel ALWAYS inform me ASAP, I will recognize your time as valuable as well with the same courtesy.
  • Always arrive on time, but never early (for discretionary reasons).
  • Upon commencement of a session, you will relinquish the appropriate tribute to me (kneeling is appreciated and kissing feet upon greeting is greatly enjoyed).
  • I abhor poor hygiene. Your body must be clean and presentable at all times.
  • Never dress, undress, or remove anything from your body without initiation, or permission from me.
  • Mutual consideration will be honored. You are encouraged to inform me of any concerns or boundary issues you may have.
  • You are encouraged to communicate your desires and ideas for your scene, but all decisions are up to me.
  • The attendance of any additional Mistress or submissive must be arranged in advance.
  • No smoking or drugs are permitted.